If you’re fascinated by the minds of serial killers and fancy becoming a real-life Mindhunter then this is the talk for you.

‘Inside The Mind of Ed Kemper’ taking place on November 8th will look deep inside the dark mind of one of the world’s most frightening serial killers – Ed Kemper.

Known also as the ‘Co-Ed Killer’, Kemper will be eligible for parole in July 2024. He will be 75 years old. This talk is interactive with live polls throughout and you will also have the opportunity to sit on the mock-up parole board. Do you think Ed Kemper should be paroled?

‘Inside The Mind of Ed Kemper’ will be led by Crime Viral’s founder and serial killer expert Cheish Merryweather. Following a sell-out UK tour, Cheish is now bringing ‘Inside The Mind of Ed Kemper’ online.

She said, “There are few serial killers as terrifying as Ed Kemper yet we can’t help but find him so deeply fascinating. I have found during the live shows that many people know of Kemper yet not so much about his difficult and complicated upbringing at the hands of his own domineering mother. This is what we are going to explore in-depth – are serial killers born or made?”

Adding, “This talk aims to educate, fascinate and contribute to the ongoing conversation surrounding the world’s most notorious serial killers. There will, of course, be plenty of subtle dark humor along the way.”

Based on psychiatric evaluations, courtroom transcripts, witness testimonies, previous parole board transcripts, and his own family history; this talk will closely detail what really goes on in the mind of a cold-blooded killer.

PDF Handouts are emailed to attendees before the talk is live – so get ready to become a real Mindhunter for the day!

TICKETS: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/inside-the-mind-of-ed-kemper-tickets-122978625379

FACEBOOK EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/327973491768474/

Duration: 90 minutes + interactive parole board + 15 minute Q&A

Recommended age: 18+