Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile Set For January 2019 Release Date

The premiere of “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile” featuring Zac Efron as Ted Bundy will take place at Sundance Film Festival 24 Jan 2019 – 3 Feb 2019. The initial theatre release for the serial killer biopic has been confirmed as January 2019.

Oscar-nominated director Joe Berlinger – best known for the Paradise Lost documentaries about the West Memphis Three – will retell the shocking events from the perspective of Bundy’s longtime girlfriend, Elizabeth “Liz” Kloepfer, who was in a relationship with the serial killer for seven years.

Efron will take on the challenging role in a bid to shake off his teen star image. Recently he has appeared in comedies Bad Neighbours and Dirty Grandpa.

Zac Efron previously posted behind-the-scenes shots to Instagram…

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Efron also appeared to recreate the mug shot from Bundy’s 1975 arrest in Salt Lake City, Utah…

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Actress Lily Collins will be taking on the role of Kloepfer and she also posted the following behind-the-scenes shot to her own Instagram…

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Alongside Efron and Collins, John Malkovich will play Edward Cowart, the judge who presided over the serial killer’s trial.

Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons stars as Larry Simpson, the lead prosecutor in the 1979 Miami trial that finally convicted Bundy. The feared serial killer was executed in Florida on January 24th, 1989, after confessing to 30 murders committed across seven states.


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Ted & Elizabeth 


In 1969, Elizabeth “Liz” Kloepfer met Ted Bundy when she worked as a secretary at the University of Washington Medical School. Liz was divorced, insecure and desperately seeking a father figure for her young daughter.

During their relationship, Bundy had already begun his killing spree and a concerned Liz reported her suspicions to the police. In 1974, she told them, “Ted went out a lot in the middle of the night. And I didn’t know where he went. Then he napped during the day. And I found things, things I couldn’t understand.”

Bundy’s most worrying possession was his “kill kit” (pictured below). Alongside these belongings, she also found a lug wrench under his car seat and a meat cleaver – both of which he claimed was for his own protection.



Despite Liz’s complaint to the police, they refused to believe this was substantial enough evidence to apprehend Bundy until many years later. It is unknown how many lives could have been saved had the police listened to Liz when she raised the alarm early on.

Bundy later bragged that he burned the head belonging to a victim in the fireplace at Liz’s home – although it’s unknown if this is fact or another twisted tendency of Bundy’s to shock people.

After Elizabeth 

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In 1980, Bundy, who had been studying law in order to represent himself during his murder trial, found an obscure law where if a marriage is declared in court before a judge then this constituted as a legally binding marriage.

During the trial, his friend Carole Ann Boone was testifying in court as Bundy’s character witness when he asked her to marry him, she accepted and the court then declared they were legally married. Bundy was then sentenced to death by electrocution and he died in the electric chair on January 24th, 1989, Florida State Prison, Bradford County, Florida, U.S.


Before his death, Boone gave birth to a daughter in 1982, whose name is rumored to be Rosa, and she declared Bundy was the father. Conjugal visits were not allowed but inmates were well-known for bribing guards to allow them intimate time alone with female visitors. However, in 2014, a former prison officer who worked at the prison during Bundy’s incarceration, told Examiner.com how they managed to conceive the child.

He revealed, “Bundy actually ejaculated into a contraband condom just prior to Boone’s regular visit and tied off the condom to hide in his mouth. During visitation, Bundy passed the semen-filled condom to Carole via a kiss, as a kiss was allowed. Carole immediately departed the prison, the condom in her mouth to keep it warm, and drove quickly to a clinic to be artificially inseminated.”

The rumor that Bundy had fathered a daughter has been long-standing for many years – although her biological father has never been confirmed. The above picture is Ted Bundy, Carole Anne Boone and, supposedly, Rosa Bundy before his execution.

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