Courtney Love Accused Of Murder Plot By Her Former Son-in-Law To Get Back Kurt Cobain’s Guitar

Courtney Love has been accused of trying to kill her former son-in-law in an attempt to regain possession of the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain’s guitar. The iconic guitar was the 1959 Martin that Cobain played during Nirvana’s famous 1993 MTV Unplugged performance.


Isaiah Silva married the daughter of Love and Cobain, Frances Bean Cobain, in 2014 and the couple divorced last year. Silva obtained the valuable guitar in his divorce settlement with Frances.

In court, it was argued that the item should stay with the Cobain family but Silva managed to successfully persuade the court in his favor as the instrument was given to him as a gift from Frances. He also made a claim for $25,000 a month spousal support.


Above: Frances Bean Cobain and Isaiah Silva

Silva, a rock musician, claims a number of crimes were carried out in an attempt to recover the guitar, including burglary, robbery, sexual battery, kidnapping, attempted murder, criminal threats, extortion, emotional distress, trespassing and false imprisonment.

Alongside Love, her manager Sam Lufti, actor Ross Butler, private investigator John Nazarian and musician Michael Schenk have also been named in the 329-page civil suit in a Los Angeles court seeking unspecified damages. He also accuses the named persons of posing as LAPD officers to gain access to his house in West Hollywood.


In the complaint, Silva claims, “The primary objective of their conspiracy was to locate and take possession of a guitar believed to be worth millions of dollars, which was gifted to Silva, by Frances, on January 8, 2014, six months prior to their June 29, 2014 marriage.”

He alleged “(the named group) did burglarise, rob, assault, batter, sexually battery, kidnap, and attempt to murder (him)” at his house. The men arrived at the door and shouted “Police, open up!!!” and “LAPD, open the f******* door!!!”

Silva claimed Lutfi (Britney Spears’ former manager) then grabbed his genitals through his clothes and said: “Listen f*****, calm the f*** down or we’ll drag you upstairs and take turns f****** you.”


It’s reported that Love and her daughter are willing to fight all the way to regain possession of the late rocker’s memorabilia. An insider close to the case told The New York Post, “Kurt would not want this and Courtney will not allow any of it. Frances and the family are prepared to fight with a fury of unprecedented legal force and they will prevail.”

“He (Silva) will stop at nothing to try and gain possession of Kurt’s belongings as witnessed in this baseless lawsuit in which he completely made up absurdly unimaginable and somewhat laughable allegations.”

Love has not publically responded to the claims.


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