Cold Blooded Killers
The Menendez Brothers Are Back Together After 22 Years Apart

After more than 22 years apart, the infamous Menedez brothers are back together again.

Erik Menendez, now aged 47, was transferred to the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego, California, on Wednesday evening. His brother, 50-year-old Lyle Menendez, is currently housed at the same facility.

A spokesperson for California’s Department of Corrections confirmed the transfer and Erik’s wife, Tammi Menendez – who he married behind bars in 1999, said it was a “heartfelt reunion.”

In February, Lyle asked to serve in the same prison as his brother and the Department of Corrections stated that “There was no reason that they could not be housed at the same institution.” The last time they were together was during the 1996 interview with Barbara Walters for “20/20.”

Since then, they have been more than 500 miles apart in separate facilities.

The “Cold-Blooded” Killing Of Their Parents

The case of the Menendez brothers shocked and gripped America in equal measure in the Nineties. The brothers murdered their rich parents in August 1989, when Lyle was 21-years-old and Erik was 18-years-old, planning the whole thing to make it look like some kind of ultra-violent Mafia hit.

They had – according to their own defense – suffered years of abuse at the hands of their mega-rich parents, so after it became too much, they banded together to defend themselves in a fatal way.

However, during their highly televised trial in 1993, it was revealed that the truth of the matter was somewhat different…

They shot their father Jose and mother Mary in cold blood one evening in the family’s home in Beverly Hills, and then went out to the movies with their friends so that they’d have an alibi. For a while, this story worked out for them, regardless of the suspiciously lavish spending that ensued in the months following the parricide.

Soon enough, Erik confessed the crimes to his psychologist, L. Jerome Oziel who reported the murders to the police. Law enforcement then moved in for the arrest, with the brothers facing trial in 1993 that was broadcast live on the newly launched Court TV.

On March 20th, 1996, the brothers were sentenced to two consecutive terms of life in person with no possibility of parole. Their attempts to appeal have also been denied.


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