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Narcos Season 4 Rumored To Feature Amado “The Lord of the Skies” Carrillo Fuentes

Netflix is still capitalizing on their huge success of Narcos which won over fans and critics alike as the show focuses on the rise of the cocaine trade in Colombia and the gripping, yet brutal, real-life stories of drug kingpins.

Many are speculating which cartel leaders will feature for the upcoming season four of the show and the most likely name that has been thrown around is Amado Carrillo Fuentes.

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Fuentes was nicknamed the ‘Lord of the Skies’ as he was well-known for his use of aircraft to fly cocaine from Colombia to Mexico before smuggling it across the border into the United States. Fuentes is regarded as one of the wealthiest criminals in history, with an estimated net worth of US $25 billion.

Following the death of Pablo Escobar, Fuentes had taken over from the Medellin cartel as well as Colombia’s other major cartel in Cali, and he became the biggest shipper of cocaine – making an estimated $100m a month. Thousands were spent paying off local, state and federal government officials so his shipments could get through.

Although his final days soon came when he discovered the Mexican and U.S. authorities were tracking him down. In 1997, aged 40-years-old, he died in a Mexican hospital after undergoing extensive plastic surgery to change his appearance in order to hide from the authorities.

He has already appeared briefly in one episode of Narcos in season three – when the Juarez head and Cali Cartel’s Pacho Herrera met him to discuss future shipments…

Pedro Pascal, who has played the role of DEA Agent Javier Peña since season one, suggested that the fourth season will only happen if there are guarantees that it can be made “safe”.

His concerns come after location scout Carlos Muñoz Portal was shot dead while working in Mexico earlier this month for the show. Pascal told TMZ, “We can’t do it if it’s not safe. We’re talking about lives. If they want to do it, then they’ll figure it out in a safe way.”

Netflix said in their statement, “We are aware of the passing of Carlos Muñoz Portal, a well-respected location scout, and send our condolences to his family.

“The facts surrounding his death are still unknown as authorities continue to investigate.”

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