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Russian ‘Hannibal Lecter’ Who Was Under House Arrest Has Escaped

Anatoliy Ezhkov was arrested earlier this week and dubbed the “Russian Hannibal Lecter” by the media when chilling and gruesome details of his attack had emerged.

Ezhkov invited 41-year-old Irina Gonchar over for a romantic dinner at his hostel apartment in Kurgan, central Russia, after they met online. The 45-year-old then fed her alcohol, tied her up and started eating chunks of her flesh including her spine.

Survivor: 41-year-old Irina Gonchar

During the four-hour long ordeal, he attempted to strangle his victim but could not grip her throat due to the amount of blood pouring from her face. He then proceeded to rip off chucks off her ears, fingertips and nose.

When neighbors heard screams, their quick thinking to call the police had resulted in the woman’s life being saved and she was rushed to hospital.

A close relative told local media, “This torture lasted for four hours, this man tore at her body with his teeth, she is positive he tried to kill her.”

Police have warned that Ezhkov is not to be approached 

Russian police then placed Ezhkov on house arrest and he signed an agreement promising he would not leave the property.

Police have since reported that the cannibal has escaped and he is not to be approached. He was last seen wearing beige shoes, a dark green jacket and dark blue trousers, and to contact them if they have any information.

Ludmila Zalomskaya, who is local to the area told the press, “How could the cops let him go? What if he breaks into her flat after she is sent home and tries to kill her? I am shocked with this story and even more shocked he was released.”

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