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YOGTZE: The Strange and Unsolved Death of Günther Stoll

The YOGTZE case comprises of the mysterious circumstances which led up to the death of Günther Stoll, a German food technician, in 1984. He had been suffering from paranoia for some time, repeatedly telling his wife about “them” who were after him and “they” were coming to kill him.

On October 25th, 1984, he suddenly stood up from his chair and cried out: “Jetzt geht mir ein Licht auf!” (“I’ve got it!”/”Now I understand!”) and quickly wrote down the code ‘YOGTZE’ on a piece of paper (it is still undetermined if the third letter was meant to be a G or a 6).

YOG’TZE or 027,906? 

He then left his house went to his favorite pub in Wilnsdorf, and ordered a beer, before falling down and hitting his face; other people in the pub commented that he wasn’t drunk, however, but seemed distressed. He left the pub and was next seen at 1 am, at the house of an old woman he had known since childhood, and told her of “horrible incidents which will take place tonight”.

Two hours later, his car was discovered crashed into a tree by the side of the motorway; witnesses reported a man in a white jacket near the car, who quickly ran away. Günther Stoll was inside the car, still alive but naked and babbling about four men who had beaten him up; he died shortly thereafter.

Police found that he had not been injured in the car crash, nor from being beaten, but had been run over by a different vehicle, then placed in the passenger seat of his own car, which was then crashed.

The identities of “them” – the people who were supposedly coming to kill him and, apparently, succeeded – and the meaning of the code he scribbled down were never discovered.

“The file is brought out every year,” says the attorney general, “Because Gunther Stoll’s YOGTZE must have meant something.”


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