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Watch The Real-Life Interview With “Mindhunter” Serial Killer Edmund Kemper

Since Netflix released their new drama series Mindhunter, produced by David Fincher (Fight Club, Se7evn) and Academy Award-winning actress Charlize Theron, there has been one serial killer everyone wants to talk about – Edmund Kemper.

Kemper is one of the few serial killers who have an IQ which is considered to be at genius level; psychological tests found his IQ was 136 but in later tests, his score was found to be as high as 145. Standing at 6 ft 9 in (2.06 m) tall, weighing over 300 lbs (140 kg) and with such a high IQ, this allowed him to overpower his victims both mentally and physically. Investigators labeled him a “natural born killer.”

Also known as The Co-ed Butcher, Kemper abducted and murdered several women in the early 1970s in Santa Cruz, he also murdered both of his grandparents and his own mother. His total victim count is believed to be 10 and he often kept the severed heads of his victims for several days before disposal.

He eventually turned himself in and even requested the death penalty for his crimes. As capital punishment was temporarily suspended in California, he instead received eight life sentences and he has since been incarcerated at the California Medical Facility where he remains today now 68-years-old.

The most chilling thing about Kemper’s interview is how calm and collected he is, it’s near impossible to imagine the depravity of his crimes as he talks so coherently and politely.

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