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Lizard Man’s Girlfriend Before Her Death: “If I die I want everyone to know that he is responsible.”

On Friday afternoon, the bodies of heavily tattooed 24-year-old Bronson Ellery and his girlfriend 20-year-old Shelsea Schilling were found in Southport on Australia’s Gold Coast.

Police are now reportedly investigating the case as a murder-suicide and they are working with evidence captured on CCTV in the neighborhood to determine what happened.

image via Twitter: @solitary_son

image via Twitter: @solitary_son

One report stated that Ellery, known as Lizard Man and who is a former Queensland gang member, and Schilling were murdered – however this report has since changed.

Schilling had previously filed a domestic violence order against Ellery and she had recently wrote a chilling poem about violence in her Facebook post. Schilling added to the post, “I’m sorry to be so negative but I want everyone to know that if I get hurt or die Bronson Ellery (pictured above) is responsible.”

Her heartbroken mother Bonnie Markwell Mobbs claimed on social media that Ellery had killed her daughter. She wrote: “Bastard had no life took his and my baby girl. Rott (sic) in hell Bronson. Let my angel be safe.”

Image via Twitter: @solitary_son

Image via Twitter: @solitary_son

Detective Senior Sergeant Matthew Ward told a press conference there was no weapon found at the crime scene.

He added: “We don’t have any information (regarding their deaths) at this stage apart from the fact that we have a female and a male within the address. Anything is possible. We’re appealing to anyone with knowledge of the persons who occupied this address or who were associated to this address.”

The investigation continues.


News Corp Australia

News Corp Australia

Born Bronson Ellery, the Lizard Man turned his back on gang life to become a musician.

During an interview with Vice he revealed, “I used to have links to the Bandidos (a notorious motorbike gang in Queensland involved in criminal activity). I hate them now. I got turned on by them at the clubhouse. I walked out, though. I was sweet.”

He also walked away from the gang following the murder of his close friend Max Waller in 2013. In a television interview he said, “It was bad. I didn’t expect that to happen. He didn’t deserve that.”

He had been in and out of prison on a raft of minor offences throughout his adult life, but over the past few years he vowed he had turned his life around. His new focus was on a career in music and he planned to avoid any more brushes with the law.



Ellery explained, “I knew I was never going to do a normal job or anything, because I knew I was going to be fully dedicated to music” before adding “I was going make it hard for myself and just cover myself in tattoos so there was no other option.

“I just didn’t care. I knew I was doing music, so it didn’t matter what I looked like, and appearing like this would also help for the genre of music. It makes a statement.”

He performed under the name Solitary Son but his death metal music career failed to take off as the videos received negative comments and scathing reviews online.


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