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Netflix Release Shocking Trailers For Amanda Knox Documentary

Netflix have confirmed they will release an original documentary on September 30th showing Amanda Knox recall her four-year long nightmare as she breaks down in tears saying, “Before Italy I had a happy life.” Netflix also revealed there will be “unprecedented access to key people involved and never-before-seen archival material.”

In 2007, Knox and Raffaele Sollecito were sentenced to 30 years for a murder they did not commit. In an almost farcical miscarriage of justice, the police accused the pair before an investigation had even taken place. They claimed Knox, Sollecito and a third man, Patrick Lumumba, were accused of murdering Knox’s flatmate, Meredith Kercher. Italian prosecutors believed her murder took place after a sex game went wrong and her body was found throat cut in her bedroom at her house in the Italian town of Perugia, Italy.

Knox served four years in an Italian prison before her appeal was heard and she was acquitted. The Italian high court decided to set aside the acquittals and Knox underwent retrial in 2013 while she remained in the United States. Eventually definitively acquitted in 2015, the court reported that there were ‘glaring errors’ in the case against the pair.

Crredit: Netflix

Crredit: Netflix

Raffaele Sollecito will appear in the documentary, alongside interviews with Italian prosecutor Giuliano Mignini and journalist Nick Pisa.

In the following contrasting trailers, Knox can be seen talking into the camera for the “Believe her” trailer, recalling: “Suddenly I found myself into this dark place. I was so scared.” Then in the second trailer “Suspect her” she states: “Either I’m a psychopath in sheep’s clothing or I am you.”

Watch the following two trailers here:

Amanda Knox – Believe Her Trailer 

Amanda Knox – “Suspect Her” Trailer 


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