Cold Blooded Killers
10 Evil Wives Who Slaughtered Their Husbands

Female killers may be rare but their crimes are just as hideous as those of men. Consultant forensic psychologist Kerry Daynes told the BBC women are more “practical and clean” when killing. They use just enough violence to do the job and nothing more. She added: “It may be that women are more driven by the end product – of someone being dead and the aftermath of that – (rather) than the actual act of killing itself.” What drove these women to kill was either a motivation of jealousy, anger, or for financial gain. All of them ended the lives of their own husbands – in the most sinister way possible.

10. Omaima Aree Nelson

Egyptian model Omaima Aree Nelson made national headlines when she was convicted of murdering her husband, William E. (Bill) Nelson. In 1986, she immigrated to the U.S. and met her pilot husband four years later when she was aged only 22 and he was 56.

Just days later they were married, and within one month she castrated him with a pair of scissors, beat him with a clothes iron, dismembered his body, cooked his head and boiled his hands to remove the fingerprints. She then mixed the body with parts of their Thanksgiving turkey dinner and threw the remains out in the trash. Omaima later claimed that her husband sexually abused her. She revealed to her psychiatrist that she had cooked his ribs in BBQ sauce and had eaten parts, but she later denied this happened.

Omaima was arrested on a suspicion of murder charge in December 2nd, 1991 and a year later she was convicted of second-degree murder on January 12th, 1993. She was sentenced to 27 years to life in prison. The media compared her to Hannibal Lecter and she is currently incarcerated at Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla, California.

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