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VIDEO: Mohamed Al-Fayed: “Yes, Princess Diana Was Murdered”

On August 31st, 1997, Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed died after a fatal car crash in a Paris tunnel. French investigators finally concluded two years later that the deaths were an accident. Following a British inquest, a jury found in favor of an “unlawful killing” by driver Henri Paul and the paparazzi pursuing the car.

Dodi Al-Fayed’s father Mohamed Al-Fayed disagreed. The London Harrods owner told the inquest that Princess Diana “knew Prince Philip and Prince Charles were trying to get rid of her” in order to stop the King of England’s mother becoming pregnant with a Muslim baby.

When asked in court if he stood by his claim that Diana and Dodi were “murdered by the British security services on the orders of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh”, he replied: “Yes.”

Al-Fayed revealed that Diana had confided in him she believed the security service was planning to kill her and this is why she never took a helicopter because they would “make it look like an accident.” Two years before the crash, as she was divorcing Prince Charles, she wrote a note to her lawyer that expressed her fears she would die in a car crash. Al-Fayed argued in court this was crucial evidence and should have been included in the investigation.

He also added that Diana had confided in him she was pregnant and the couple was planning to get married. He was “the only person they told.” The barrister during the inquest argued “witness after witness” had been questioned about the pregnancy and that “the evidence shows she could not have been pregnant”. The autopsy report also stated Diana was not pregnant but Al-Fayed believes this is all part of the cover-up. He replied: “All the witnesses who have been saying this is part of the cover-up and have been told what to say.”

In the following short documentary, Mohamed’s conspiracy theory is discussed in more detail as he states “It was a plot, conspiracy, to get rid of Diana and my son, and I am not going to rest until I get the truth.”

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