11 Former Child Stars Who Turned To Crime

Child actors grow up under a lot of public scrutiny. They often hold the unenviable position of representing much-loved shows and TV families and have to appear to be perfect in every way. Often famed for their cute appearance and loved for the sweet children they were, things can turn bad when puberty hits and that baby faced tot, just isn’t so sweet anymore.

Perhaps this is why it can be so shocking when news breaks of criminal convictions, court dates and more often than not, substance abuse. We’ve put together a list of well-loved former child stars that have run into trouble with the law.

11. Lindsay Lohan



After beginning her career as a child model and TV actor, Lohan made her big break in the 1998 remake of The Parent Trap. She went on to make a remake of a similarly loved Freaky Friday with Jamie Lee Curtis. She has also notably starred in Mean Girls, and Herbie: Reloaded rising to mega stardom in just a few short years. Between 2007-13, life started to go less smoothly for the teen star. Just two weeks after leaving rehab in 2007, Lohan was caught in possession of cocaine, driving under the influence, and driving with a suspended license.

After pleading guilty, she was sentenced to one day in jail, an alcohol education program, community service and three years of probation. She served just eighty-four minutes of her time with overcrowding and non-violent crime cited as reasons for this reduction.

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