Cold Blooded Killers
10 Movies That Made People Kill

Over the years, Hollywood has come under attack for the level of violence sometimes depicted on screen. In the 1980s, a number of films were classed as ‘video nasties’ and banned from the shelves. These included Driller Killer and Last House On The Left as examples of films that the government felt would have a corrupting influence on the public, due to the level of violence on display.

People are capable of dreadful acts of violence, but whether or not a film is responsible is up for debate. Many argue if the individual grew up in a violent home or if there was a mental illness behind the driving force of the crime. For these following killers, it was a movie that they claimed motivated them to kill.

10. Halloween (1978)

17-year-old Jake Evans of Aledo, Texas, watched the remake of John Carpenter’s Halloween three times before the urge to kill struck. Impressed at the ease in which the main character, Michael Myers, committed the murders, and the lack of remorse the character felt, Evans plotted his own course of murder.

At first Evans intended to kill his 15-year-old sister and his mother with a knife, which was the weapon of Michael Myers’ choice. However, he decided on a revolver which he stole from his grandfather. He wanted to make the killing less painful for his family he later admitted to the police.

Then on September 2012, he entered his sister’s bedroom and turned the gun on her. At first she thought he was joking, typical of her brother’s erratic behaviour, yet sadly it was no joke and he shot her in the back of the head. He then moved on to his mother’s room and pointed the gun at her. He shot her three times until she was dead. Afterwards he heard a noise from his sister’s room and he realised he had failed to properly kill her, returning to her room he shot her again until he was satisfied she was gone.

Evans then dialled 911 to confess his crime. He told the operator that the killing “just kind of happened”. When she asked for more details Evans told her he had been planning to kill for a while and when asked who, he said “pretty much anybody”. When the operator asked him why he killed two members of his family, he said “they were just suffocating me in a way…I’m pretty, I guess, evil..” He then told the operator “This is going to really mess me up in the future”.

As he was under 18-years-old he avoided the death penalty and received a 45 year sentence instead.

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