10 Things American Crime Story: The People vs O.J. Simpson Taught Us

3. The Knife Found At The Estate Was Not The Murder Weapon 



As the world was watching American Crime Story unfold on screen, there was even more drama happening in real life. Late February, it was revealed that a knife had been discovered at Simpson’s former Brentwood, California, home and it was believed to be the murder weapon used to kill both victims. As those who know the case are aware, the murder weapon was never uncovered. According to Atlanta Black Star, a former LAPD officer named George Maycott was handed the knife by a contractor working on the estate. Instead of handing the knife in as evidence, the officer kept it for more than a decade, before finally turning it over to police for forensic testing.

Then detectives revealed on April 1st, that the weapon was not the one used in the murders. LAPD Captain Andrew Neiman told Reuters that “the whole story is bogus from the get-go. We don’t know if it’s a hoax, but there’s no nexus to the murders, based on the testing we’ve done.” Over two decades police have been searching for the murder weapon and still have found nothing.

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