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7 Craziest St. Patrick’s Day Crimes

On the 17th March each year, millions of people around the world get together to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Celebrations include parades, public parties, wearing green and typically – a lot of booze. With this many people “drowning the shamrock” or “toasting to St Paddy” at the same time it can quite often lead to irresponsible behavior. Here are the following crimes that happened on St. Patrick’s Day…

7. Man Sets Himself on Fire During Lepre-Con

In 2015, revellers began to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a bar crawl through Hoboken, New Jersey, which is known as “Lepre-Con.” The event is one big, booze-fuelled party, where crowds travel between 25 bars that have signed up. Around 11pm, the emergency services received a call that a man was attempting to set himself alight. When they arrived to the area, an unidentified man was on fire in the middle of the road at Bloomfield and Fourth Street.

Hoboken police Chief Kenneth Ferrante told the NJ Advance, “(the man) began screaming as the fire started to spread from his jacket to his skin.” Officers had to tackle him to the ground and roll him around to put out the flames. The man was then transported to Hoboken University Medical Center where his non life-threatening injuries were treated.

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