Cold Blooded Killers
6 Women Who Married Convicted Serial Killers

Having an infatuation with someone who has committed a serious crime, such as sexual assault or murder, is known as Hybristophilia. This is the reason behind the thousands of letters sent to serial killers from their fans each year.

There are many reasons behind the disorder, Professor of forensic psychology at DeSales University, Katherine Ramsland, reveals that women who have dated serial killers (or in these following cases have even gone as far as marrying them) do so for the following possible reasons:

  • “Some believe they can change a man as cruel and powerful as a serial killer.”
  • “Others “see” the little boy that the killer once was and seek to nurture him.”
  • “A few hoped to share in the media spotlight or get a book or movie deal.”
  • “Then there’s the notion of the “perfect boyfriend.” She knows where he is at all times and she knows he’s thinking about her. While she can claim that someone loves her, she does not have to endure the day-to-day issues involved in most relationships. There’s no laundry to do, no cooking for him, and no accountability to him. She can keep the fantasy charged up for a long time.”

Whatever their reason, these following women married men others would not even dream of getting close to…

6. Richard Ramirez and Doreen Lioy

Ricardo “Richard” Ramírez was known as “The Night Stalker” after he terrorised those who lived in greater Los Angeles and San Francisco, from June 1984 until his capture in August 1985. He would use handguns, knives, machetes, tire irons and hammers to bludgeoned his victims to death – often after he had sexually assaulted them.

His list of convictions included 13 counts of murder, 5 counts of attempted murder, 11 counts of sexual assault and 14 counts of burglary. He was sentenced on November 7th, 1989, and sent to California’s gas chamber to die. He told reporters after the trial, which cost a staggering $1.8 million, “Big deal. Death always went with the territory. See you in Disneyland.”

Despite his heinous crimes and the fact that he was one of the most hated men in America, by the time he arrived in prison he had fans from all over the world writing him love letters and queuing up to pay him visits. One fan, Doreen Lioy, became obsessed and had wrote the cold-hearted killer 75 letters during his incarceration.

In 1996, Lioy told The L.A. Times, “This is a feeling that began for me as long ago as the night before he was arrested and police broke into the television show I was watching to broadcast his picture. Looking back, I see it was a turning point for me. They showed his mug shot in the middle of ‘Dallas,’ and I saw something in his eyes. Something that captivated me. It wasn’t as if I knew him. But there was something in his eyes . . . maybe the vulnerability, I don’t really know.”

On October 3rd, 1996, they were married in California’s San Quentin State Prison whilst Ramirez was waiting on death row. Lioy stated that she would commit suicide when Ramirez was executed but they eventually decided to split.

Ramirez died of complications secondary to B-cell lymphoma at Marin General Hospital in Greenbrae, California on June 7th, 2013. Aged 53-years-old, he had been on death row for more than 23 years.

5. Philip Carl Jablonski and Carol Spandoni

Phillip Carl Jablonski killed five women in California and Utah between 1978 and 1991. When he was 16-years-old, he attacked his 14-year-old sister after putting a rope around her neck and throwing her onto a bed. He suddenly stopped before the attack and started to cry. When his sister told their parents, his father beat him. This was just the first of his many attacks on women.

In 1968, his first wife, Alice McGowan, claimed during sex Jablonski would put a pillow over her face and attempt to suffocate her. After she left him, he moved on to Jane Sanders, he forced himself on her during a date and she fell pregnant. They moved to California together and Jablonski would often pull a gun out a gun and threaten to shoot her. McGowan fled from him too.

In 1977, Jablonski met Linda Kimball and they soon had a daughter together. A year later, Jablonski climbed on top of Kimball’s mother, who was staying in the house, but said he couldn’t go through with attacking her. Kimball’s mother then helped her daughter flee from Jablonski to a neighbours house. Sadly, when Kimball returned for some of her belongings, she was murdered by Jablonski. He was sentenced to twelve years in prison. 

Jablonski’s violent history with women was not enough to steer away 46-year-old Carol Spadoni. In 1982, she replied to a newspaper advert placed by Jablonski looking for a pen friend. Soon the romance became a marriage and they married whilst he was serving time in prison. Shockingly, but of no surprise to many, just one year after Jablonski was released from prison in 1990, he murdered Spadoni and her mother at their home in Burlingame, California. Spadoni was suffocated with duct tape before being shot by her evil husband and her mother was sexually assaulted then shot.

During the trial for the murders, he was also charged with killing college student Fathyma Vann in Indio, California that same year. Jablonski had attended the college to keep his conditions of parole. Vann had been shot in the head and sexually assaulted, her eyes and ears had also been removed. He has been on death row since 1991.

4. Oscar Ray Brolin and Rosalie Martinez

This year on January 8th, 53-year-old serial killer Oscar Ray Brolin, who murdered three women, was executed by an administered the lethal injection. In 1986, Brolin, a former carnival worker and truck driver, was convicted of stabbing 25-year-old Natalie Blanche Holley, 26-year-old Teri Lynn Matthews and 17-year-old Stephanie Collins before dumping their bodies in Tampa.

Brolin has always pleaded his innocence, in an interview with Fox 13 News he claimed, “I did not murder these women. My conscience is clear. Florida’s just killing me. (The families) are not getting any peace by executing me”.

In 1995, his defense lawyer during the trial was Rosalie Martinez, she was already married to a prominent lawyer and together they had four young daughters. When she visited Brolin on death row to talk about the case she fell madly in love with him. Martinez later told The L.A. Times, “I felt his isolation, his confinement, his loneliness. It affected me because I felt the same way. And it left me breathless.”

After Martinez left her husband for Brolin, they were wed via phone call whilst he stayed in prison and she was at her Florida apartment. For 18-years they were married without a single night together. She told ABC’s 20/20 only last year. “I never, never, ever thought for a second that he was guilty of those three murders.”

3. Kenneth Bianchi and Shirlee Joyce Book

Kenneth Bianchi, alongside his cousin Angelo Buono, Jr., killed ten women between October 1977 and January 1979. Bianchi and Buono would drive around Los Angeles wearing fake uniforms to persuade women they were undercover police officers. Their victims, who were women and girls aged between 12 to 28, would be taken to Buono’s home before they were tortured and murdered. Together they became known as the Hillside Stranglers and were arrested in 1979.

In 1980, Bianchi started dating Veronica Compton, a woman he had met while in prison. Crompton testified with many false stories during the trial. She was later imprisoned herself for luring a woman to a motel and strangling her. She was trying to fool police into believing that the Hillside Strangler was still on the loose and that they had the wrong guy. Bianchi had even allegedly given her some semen from another prison in order for the attack and murder.

Then in 1989, Bianchi married his longterm pen pal, Shirlee Joyce Book. Book had a thing for serial killers, she had already tried to romance Ted Bundy with a series of letters before moving on to Bianchi. The 15-minute ceremony took place in the prison chapel at Washington State Penitentiary.

Bianchi is serving his sentence at Washington State Penitentiary and will be eligible to apply for parole in 2025.

2. Angelo Buono Jr and Christine Kizuka



Angelo Buono Jr was Kenneth Bianchi’s cousin and accomplice in what is now known as the “Hillside Strangler” killings.

During his time in prison, he caught the attention of Christine Kizuka. She had made regular visits to Los Angeles County Jail to visit her husband and father of her three children who slept in a cell next to Buono Jr. In 1986, Kizuka married the man responsible for torturing and murdering 12 young women in Folsom Prison. Due to the seriousness of Buono Jr’s crimes, the newlyweds were not allowed to have any conjugal visits together.

Buono Jr died alone in his cell of a heart attack on September 21st, 2002 at Calipatria State Prison.

1. Ted Bundy and Carole Ann Boone 



Ted Bundy was a serial killer, kidnapper, rapist, and necrophile who was at large during the 1970s. He confessed to killing thirty victims between 1974 and 1978, although the real victim count is believed to be much higher.

In 1980, Bundy, who had been studying law in order to represent himself during his murder trial, found an obscure law where if a marriage is declared in court before a judge then this constituted as a legally binding marriage. During the trial, his friend Carole Ann Boone was testifying in court as Bundy’s character witness when he asked her to marry him, she accepted and the court then declared they were legally married. Bundy was then sentenced to death by electrocution and he died in the electric chair on January 24th, 1989, Florida State Prison, Bradford County, Florida, U.S.

Before his death, Boone gave birth to a daughter in 1982, whose name is rumoured to be Rosa, and she declared Bundy was the father. Conjugal visits were not allowed but inmates were well-known for bribing guards to allow them intimate time alone with female visitors. However, in 2014, a former prison officer who worked in the prison during Bundy’s incarceration, told how they managed to conceive the child.

He revealed, “Bundy actually ejaculated into a contraband condom just prior to Boone’s regular visit and tied off the condom to hide in his mouth. During visitation, Bundy passed the semen-filled condom to Carole via a kiss, as a kiss was allowed. Carole immediately departed the prison, the condom in her mouth to keep it warm, and drove quickly to a clinic to be artificially inseminated.”

The rumour that Bundy had fathered a daughter has been long standing for many years – although her biological father has never been confirmed. The above picture is Ted Bundy, Carole Anne Boone and, supposedly, Rosa Bundy before his execution.

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