Cold Blooded Killers
20 Most Disturbing Craigslist Killers

Craigslist was founded in 1995 and is frequently used by the millions of people around the world. This online community boasts an above 90% genuine trade rate, but every now and then a killer emerges on its pages using ads as bait to lure an unsuspecting victim into their clutches. They can be sellers, service providers, buyers or simply posing as someone looking for love. With over 70 cases involving Craiglist killers – here are just 20 vicious killers that will make your blood run cold.

20. Michael John Anderson

Katherine Olson was an enthusiastic traveller, who had just graduated from college in Minnesota. Set to travel to Madrid in hopes of obtaining a masters degree in Spanish, she had the idea of gaining extra funds by landing a short term job as a nanny. After finding her perfect babysitting role on Craigslist advertised by a woman named Amy, she had agreed to the job and left home for the arranged 9am – 2pm Thursday sitting.

The next day when officers found a discarded purse with ID, they contacted her roommate who told them she had been on a job but feared her missing. After finding her car, her body was found in the trunk with a bullet wound in her back and her legs tied with red twine. Michael John Anderson was traced back to the ad, and later convicted.

19. Phillip Markoff

Phillip Markoff was an avid learner, having just passed his second year at the University of Albany, where he studied as a medical student. His college sweetheart, Megan, was also a medical student but only got accepted into a medical school in the Caribbean. Not wanting to part ways, Phillip had proposed and Megan put her medical career on hold to plan the wedding. An intense poker player, unknown to Megan, Phillip had obtained a £130,000 debt yet still frequented casinos.

As the pair were travelling to Foxwoods casino, Phillip was pulled over and arrested under suspicion of a robbery and murder committed against two Craigslist ad posters for ‘exotic services’. Phillip was found guilty, and later killed himself in his prison cell with pictures of Megan sprawled on the floor.

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