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Most Wanted: 10 Of The FBI’s Biggest Bounties

Since the FBI established its Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list in 1950, its entrants have come to hold a notorious place in the global consciousness. Since then, a full 473 fugitives have been apprehended or located, with 156 of these as a direct result of citizen cooperation.

The list contains perpetrators of the most heinous crimes from the grizzliest of murders to the most barbaric instances of rape and child abduction. From the very newest members of this undesirable bunch, to those evading the arms of the law for decades, we’ve put together a top ten list of the most wanted fugitives with staggering rewards on offer for their capture.


10. Eduardo Ravelo

Reward: up to $100,000

Ravelo has a strangely impressive list of crimes for which he is wanted. He was indicted in Texas, in 2008 for racketeering, conspiracy to launder monetary instruments, and conspiracy to possess heroin, cocaine, and marijuana with the intent to distribute. Part of the notorious Barrio Azteca crime syndicate, Ravelo is thought to be of captain level which makes him allegedly responsible for issuing orders to lesser members of the gang.

Barrio Azteca members are thought to act as hit men for the Vicente Carrillo Fuentes Drug Trafficking Organisation so it is quite possible that his list of charges could stretch to further accusations of murder. Ravelo has ties to Mexico, and El Paso, Texas and has distinctive scarring on his face as well as numerous tattoos.

9. Glen Steward Godwin

Reward: up to $100,000

Godwin stands out amongst his peers on the list as he was actually convicted of his crimes and is quite the escape-artist. He served just five months of his twenty-six year sentence before escaping from Folsom State Prison. Godwin had a little help from a former cellmate who had been released. When Godwin’s route through a storm drain was discovered, guards also found smiley-faced arrows pointing the way to freedom and an inflatable raft.

The cellmate was re-arrested but killed himself upon his return to prison. Just five months later, Godwin was arrested on drug charges in Mexico and was sentenced to a high-security Puente Grande Federal Prison – but not for long. Amazingly, Godwin managed to escape again after killing another prisoner and has been on the run ever since.

8. Myloh Jaqory Mason

Reward: up to $100,000

The newest member of this unenviable clan is Myloh Jaqory Mason. Mason is the latest fugitive to be added to the FBI’s most wanted list, for a series of violent crimes including bank robbery and attempted murder in Lakewood, Colorado. The twenty-five year old, from Colorado, is already a convicted felon.

There is a reward of up to $100,000 offered for information leading directly to his arrest. According to the FBI website, Mason is described as 6’ 2” and weighs approximately 155 pounds: “He has black hair, brown eyes, and tattoos on his chest, both arms, and hands. He has ties to Colorado, Florida, and Nevada. Investigators say that he uses a variety of aliases and caution that he should be considered armed and extremely dangerous.”

7. Alexis Flores

Reward: up to $100,000

Going by the name of Carlos, Flores was homeless and living on the streets of Philadelphia when he allegedly raped and strangled a five year old girl named Iriana DeJesus. Flores had been helped by a man named Jorge Contreras who had given the hopeless young man work in Hunting Park. Contreras, crucially, also gave him the keys to his apartment when he went out of town. The same apartment building where the little girl’s body was discovered. Although Contreras identified a shirt found at the murder site as belonging to Flores, the trail went cold after his disappearance.

Fast forward a few years and a young man by the name of Alexi Flores is arrested and convicted for shoplifting in Phoenix, Arizona. After serving 60 days, Flores is deported to Honduras. It is then that a match between his DNA and the DNA sample found at the apartment building back in Philadelphia is made. Flores is now believed to be living in Honduras and is wanted for murder, kidnapping, and unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

6. Robert William Fisher

Reward: up to $100,000

Robert William Fisher, a surgical catheter technician and ex-fireman from Scottsdale, Arizona has been wanted since 2001 for allegedly killing his wife and children then blowing up the family home. He is charged with three counts of murder and unlawful flight to avoid unwanted prosecution.

A white male, with blue eyes, brown hair and standing at six feet, Fisher has the identifying features of a gold-capped tooth and an exaggerated posture thanks to a lower back injury. He also has several surgical scars and a heavy tobacco chewing habit. Fisher killed his wife Mary, thirteen-year-old daughter, Brittney, and ten year old son, Bobby by cutting their throats – his wife was also shot in the back of her head. He then set light to the family home.

5. Yaser Abdel Said

Reward: up to $100,000



Said is an American Egyptian wanted for the murder of his own daughters on New Year’s Day, 2008. Said worked as a taxi driver and reportedly told his children he would be taking them for dinner, instead he shot each of the two girls repeatedly in the head and chest.

FBI agents explain that he may be hiding out in Egyptian communities in the US or abroad. According to the agents dealing with his case, he likes to smoke Malboro Light 100 cigarettes, likes eating at IHOP and Denny’s and is known to carry at least one loaded weapon at all times. There is a reward of up to $100,000 for information leading directly to his arrest.

4. William Bradford Bishop Jr

Reward: up to $100,000

Missing since 1976, William Bradford Bishop is wanted for the murder of his wife, mother and three sons at the family home in Maryland, and then burning their bodies in North Carolina. The FBI has turned to Facebook in their efforts to track him down.

The Yale graduate used a sledgehammer to kill his three sons: Brad (fourteen years old), Brenton (ten years old), and Geoffrey (aged five) as they slept after having killed his wife, Annette, and mother, Lobelia. Now 77, the FBI strongly suspect this multi-lingual murderer is still alive thanks to unconfirmed sightings in Europe. Wherever he is, time is running out.

3. Jason Derek Brown 

Reward: $200,000

Jason Derek Brown, is wanted for the shooting of Robert Keith Palomares outside a Phoenix, Arizona cinema in 2004. It is thought that Brown stole approximately $56,000 and made his getaway initially on a push-bike, then a BMW. According to FBI agents, Brown was last seen in Salt Lake City, in august 2008 at a stoplight.

He is thought to have connections to California, Arizona, and Utah. Having been involved in many cases of fraud, and thanks to his blond-haired good looks, Brown is considered particularly dangerous thanks to his ability to take advantage of people. The FBI is particularly concerned that he may be hiding out under the safety of the Mormon church.

2. Victor Manuel Gerena

Reward: up to $1 million

Wanted for bank robbery, armed robbery, and unlawful flight to avoid prosecution, Victor Manueal Gerena was added to the FBI’s most wanted list in 1984. This gives Gerena the unwelcome distinction of being the longest member of the most wanted gang. Known as the ‘Big Sleep Heist’ Gerena tied up his co-workers and injected them with a mix of aspirin and water, then stole $7 million.

Later found to have ties to the Puerto Rican separatist group, Los Macheteros, Gerena remains the only member of the group to remain at large. FBI agents believe he was most likely smuggled over the Mexican border. Gerena is now thought to be hiding out in Cuba which makes his recapture hugely unlikely.

1. Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev

Reward: $3,000,000

Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev who was known using online monikers “lucky12345” and “slavik”, is wanted for his alleged involvement in a racketeering enterprise and scheme he installed on victims’ computers called “Zeus”. The software could capture bank account numbers, passwords, personal identification numbers, and other information needed to log into online banking accounts.

Although Bogachev took on the role as an administrator, there were others involved in the scam. Victims who visited the web sites he had infected with malware would have money stolen from their bank accounts. This online fraud has been investigated by the FBI since the summer of 2009 and they are currently offering a staggering payout of $3,000,000 for his capture.

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