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11 Big Time Gangsters Who Were Never Caught

Being a gangster has a high mortality rate, even the most protected mobsters might end their days in a rain of bullets. Somewhat reassuringly however, the majority of big time gangsters ended up serving some serious stretches of time. There are a select few that have evaded punishment either by way of wits or by having been assassinated by police officers, arch-enemies, or even one-time honoured right-hand men.

We’ve put together the top ten big time gangsters who were never caught and punished for their crimes – some of whom have spent not a single day or night in a prison cell. So read on and see just who made it to old age, and who made it to a pair of cement shoes at the bottom of the sea…

11. Anthony Accardo

Anthony Accardo for a long time was thought to have been the natural heir to Al Capone’s empire, rising as he did from starting as Capone’s bodyguard to the alleged Chicago Crime Syndicate. He died, aged 86-years-old from congestive heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in 1992 having never spent even a night in a cell.

The closest Accardo ever came to arrest and prison time, was firstly during his youth, when he wracked up a string of disorderly conduct charges as a youngster. And secondly, once he was a fully-fledged member of the mob, when he was part of a murder line-up. Despite a lengthy arrest sheet for charges of murder, kidnapping, and extortion, Accardo was never convicted and never charged.

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