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10 Real Life Superheroes That Kick Ass

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s just Keith from Accounts.

There has been a veritable explosion in recent years, of mortal civilians donning their tights, masks, capes and foam samurai swords (yes, really) and getting out there to be the hero they always dreamed they were.

With an actual site,, complete with movie-worthy super-heroic photographs of these everyday heroes posing against a comic book city-scape, it’s clear these guys, and gals, mean business.

So, without further ado, allow us to introduce a selection of real-life superheroes from around the world, fighting for truth, justice, and the superhero way.

10. Phantom Zero

City: New York

Civilian Identity: unknown

Rumoured to be in the midst of forming a superhero alliance with the mighty Nyx by way of marriage, Phantom Zero has built on his history of being an all round good egg. This guy opts for a mix of gothic Victoriana and pulp hero to create his completely anonymous identity, and striking black and white (with a flash of red) costume. No matter how hard we searched, there is no trace of the Phantom’s real, civilian identity. Phantom Zero helps out those in crisis and regularly works with the homeless to turn them toward the right kind of help and resources.

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