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10 Brave Victims Who Escaped Their Kidnappers

4. Patty Hearst

Patty Hearst, the daughter of staple newspaper magnate William Hearst, was abducted by the Left Wing Guerrilla group, part of the Symbionese Liberation Army, in 1974. Their aim was to destroy the capitalist system that in their mind, Hearst represented. After beating up her boyfriend and throwing her in the trunk of a car, they received the news coverage and attention they wanted to achieve.

After months of abuse and indoctrination she is believed to have developed Stockholm Syndrome, and joined her kidnappers and pledging allegiance. She was arrested in 1975 along with other members of the group following a bank robbery, 2 years later her sentence was commuted and she was granted a pardon.

3. George Weyerhaeuser

In 1935, Washington, the only living heir to the J. P. Weyerhaeuser logging fortune was George, only 9-years-old, who was grabbed off the streets in broad daylight and held for a $200,000 ransom by a couple named Harmon and Margaret Waley. After his parents had agreed to hand over the cash and left it in a prearranged location, George was luckily left unharmed wandering along a derelict farm lane.

After being reunited with his parents, the kidnappers were later arrested after using the marked ransom money, as for Georges outcome, he attended Yale university and took over control of the lumber business until he eventually retired in 1999.

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