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10 Brave Victims Who Escaped Their Kidnappers

6. Steven Stayner



7-year-old Steven Stayner was abducted in 1972 by Kenneth Parnell in California. He had told Steven that his parents could no longer afford to keep him, so had sent him to come and live in the tiny trailer with Parnell. Whilst there for a staggering seven years, Stayner was repeatedly beaten and abused.

When Parnell brought back another young boy, Stayner took action by running away and notifying nearby police officers. Parnell was sentenced for life, and although Stayner was returned to his family he never fully adapted to ‘normal life’. He later died in 1989 in a motorcycle accident.

5. ‘The Missing Children’

All kidnapped within the year 1995-1996, six girls ranging from 8-19 years of age were abducted by Belgian Marc Dutroux and his wife Michelle Martin. All held within a small, specially constructed prison beneath his home, Marc would torture and abuse them. A key player in the Belgian dark circle, he was a career criminal who made a living by stealing cars, kidnapping young girls and selling them for prostitution and child pornography.

Despite receiving a letter from Dutroux’s own mother telling them the goings on, police were slow to investigate and make an arrest. When the police finally arrived at the home, they found only two girls chained to the walls of the basement dungeon, some of the other girls had been sold on with their fate unknown, the two survivors were reunited with family.

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