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10 Animals That Turned Into Serial Killers

4. The Leopard of Panar

This big cat was nothing short of a legend in the early 20th century. Claiming the most human lives taken by any other leopard in history, he was responsible for at least 400 murders in the Panar region of Northern India.

His taste for human flesh came from the thousands of bodies being dumped in the jungle after a vast cholera outbreak, when his supply ran out, he went on to hunt humans in their own homes. After hearing of this vicious beast, Jim Corbett set out to kill him and succeeded in 1910.

3. Gustave the Crocodile

This notorious killer croc is actually still out there, lurking in the river Nile. Gustave is the longest Nile crocodile ever recorded, weighing in at 1 ton and measuring a staggering 25feet long. He was responsible for killing more than 300 people and not just for food either. 

He has been known to strike entire boats filled with people, killing multiple victims and then leaving the corpses floating atop the water. Many locals have tried to hunt him down, his body is branded with many scars from spears, knives, and is even missing an eye from a gun shot wound which was supposed to end his savage attacks. All in vain.

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