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10 Animals That Turned Into Serial Killers

We’ve heard of sharks attacking on beaches, dog who have savagely attacked their owners and even circus animals turning on their trainers – but how many tales have you heard where an entire town or village were held up with fear due to our beastly cohabitants on Earth?

Below you will find ten of Mother Natures finest predatory creations that we have to share this planet with – just be careful you don’t get caught up in one of their rampages.

10. The Nigerian Killer Snake

While some people are afraid of snakes, they usually only attack a human if they feel threatened. The drill would be to back away slowly if you ever cross a snakes path, unless you stand on one unknowingly of course, then prepare to be bitten.

In 2014, one particular snake found enjoyment in hunting human victims, killing 16 people in just 10 days. Within the grassy overgrowth of Birnin, Kebbi, it would lay in waiting for its next victim, government officials even launched a campaign to tackle the weeds so this scaly creature could be caught, but it never was.

9. The Beast of Gevaudan

This creature was a rather strange and fascinating one, between the years 1764 and 1767 this giant wolf-dog like hound caused havoc on the streets of Gevaudan, France, killing a total of 113 people and leaving 49 injured. 98 of the 113 killed, were partially eaten.

Louis XV had heard of the beast, and hired wolf hunters to specifically target the hound, many claimed they had slain it but the attacks still continued, they only stopped when a local hunter named Jean Chastel came forward. An estimated 210 attacks had been carried out by this vicious killer.

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