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Making A Murderer: 10 Moments The Directors Decided Not To Show

The case of Making a Murderer involving Steven Avery has truly taken the world by storm, ever since the documentary was launched on Netflix. People across the globe have been sucked into the case by its compelling story which involves the possibility of Mr Avery spending 18 years behind bars, for a crime he did not commit, and a further murder investigation.

We now will take a look at all the details the documentary left out about the case which would have played a vital role in sentencing and potentially, the verdict. This mans life could have headed in the complete opposite direction.

Basic run down of events:

In 1985, Steven Avery had been sentenced to 18 years imprisonment for raping a local woman named Penny Ann Beernsten. 18 years later following his release, DNA evidence proved Avery was in fact innocent, he then filed a multi-million dollar law suit against the local authorities for false imprisonment. Just before he was about to win his claim against them, local photographer Teresa Halbach disappeared.

Her car was found at Avery’s scrap and salvage yard, with the remains in a fire pit. His newphew Brandon Dassey had confessed to the killing, but he made many inconsistencies within his confession. Regardless of accusations of evidence being planted, the jury gave a verdict of guilty for both Avery and Dassey.

10. Avery Specifically Requested Teresa Halbach

Originally stated by Dawn Pliszka during her testimony, later confirmed by Angenette Levy who was a local reporter featuring in the documentary, that Avery had specifically requested Teresa came to the car park to take photographs.

It was also discussed that Halbach had already visited Avery’s home several times. While some may use this information as evidence against him, ‘fans’ and supporters have suggested that his level of trust may be low in strangers, due to the amount of money he was set to gain, therefore he requested someone he was comfortable with.

9. Avery Used *67 To Contact Teresa

Another detail left out by the documentary is that Avery used a service called Star 67 to contact Teresa Halbach, a service that blocks numbers when calling, to create an alibi. When phone records were produced, it showed Avery had contacted Teresa a total of 3 times on Oct 31st Once at 2:24pm, another at 2:35pm using the *67 service so she had no idea it was Avery calling. During the final call, placed at 4:35pm, he didn’t hide his number, because of course she would never answer.

8. Teresa Was Admittedly ‘Creeped Out’ By Avery

During her first visit to the Avery household, Teresa Halbach had confided to Dawn Pliszka that Avery had answered the door in nothing but a towel. While some may believe this was Avery’s attempt to come onto Teresa, she reportedly laughed it off simply saying ‘Ew’ to Dawn, as he posed no threat. Regardless to whether this had indeed freaked her out or not, she still returned to the Avery house with no hesitation for future work aspects.

7. Avery’s Previous Crimes

The documentary had only noted his past crimes rather briefly, one previous arrest was for robbery, while the other arrest was for animal cruelty after throwing a cat on a bonfire. During the documentary Avery can be heard saying that he hung around with a bad crowd, and that the cat was never supposed to set on fire it was purely accidental from ‘goofing around’. What they didn’t mention, was that Avery had soaked the cat in oil or gasoline prior to throwing it over the bonfire. That implies it was no accident, that in fact it was an intentional act.

6. Avery’s Brothers Had Been Charged With Sexual Assault

Proving the Avery brood were not good citizens, and had a tendency of being charged for sexual assault charges, his brothers Earl and Chuck were never identified as suspects in the murder of Teresa and the rape of Penny. After multiple files were brought against them, they pleaded no contest to every case and were acquitted of nearly all charges, the majority of which were either dismissed or they were given probationary periods.

Earl was also charged with sexual assault towards a child, which he spent 45 days in prison and spent three years on probation for. In 2009, Avery filed a report stating that his brothers were responsible for Halbach’s murder.

5. Steven Avery Had Spoken Of Intent To Kill

During Avery’s original prison sentence for the rape of Penny Ann, Avery had been in conversation with fellow inmates about what he intended to do after being released. He spoke of his desire to create and build a torture chamber, filled with tools he could use to kidnap, rape, and kill young women. He even went so far as to draw a sketch of the layout he had in mind.

Another inmate had told police that Avery had told him the best way of getting rid of a body – by burning it, Avery claimed the heat destroys the victims DNA. As pointed out in the basic run down of the case, Teresa’s bodily remains were burnt in a fire pit.

4. Steven Had Been Accused Of Rape Beforehand

One particular set of charges were not mentioned in the documentary at all, and those were his previous rape accusations. The documentary covered Avery’s known violent ways towards women, such as holding a gun to his cousins head after a minor argument, but failed to mention the claims that he had raped a young girl and threatened to kill her entire family if she ever spoke a word. Another older lady, also made a claim that Avery had raped her.

3. Dassey Had Said Avery Molested Him

While Avery’s nephew Dassey was in prison he was told to call his mother by authorities, logged in the transcript he had spoken about the murder of Teresa Halbach, and that Avery had forced him to ‘do a lot of things’ to her. He also mentions that Avery had ‘grabbed him where he felt uncomfortable’.

However, after further investigation during an interview with Dassey about the transcripts, it was later determined he was confused and misinterpreted a wrestling type of movement for a more serious crime.

2. Avery Had Purchased Restraints And Cuffs



Brendan Dassey had also included in his interview, that Steve Avery used restraints, including iron shackles, to tie Teresa Halbach to his bed. In the documentary, it was mentioned there was no evidence proving this was true, it failed to mention that leg shackles, cuffs and other restraints were found in Avery’s home, purchased merely three weeks before Teresa’s murder.

While the shackles matched the description given by Dassey, there was no trace of Halbach’s DNA evidence found on them. Steven later claimed the restraints were to be used in a sexual way, with his former girlfriend Jodi.

1. Evidence The Remains Weren’t Moved

In the two testimonies shown in the documentary, it was discussed that there was a possibility of Teresa’s remains being moved after they had been burnt in the pit, which was proved to be inconclusive. While there was absolutely no denying that her body was burnt in that pit, human remains were also found elsewhere on the property which only added confusion. In the pit however, the bones were fused with steel belts, which remained from the tires Avery supposedly threw on to burn.

There was also Teresa’s tooth, identified by dental records but wasn’t mentioned in the documentary, along with a rivet from the jeans she was wearing and tools which were used to chop up the body. The other remains found in a different part of the property were never identified as Teresa’s.

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