10 Stars Who Had Supposed Ties To The Mafia

4. Tony Bennett



One of the greatest crooners of all time found more success on the modern music scene a few years ago when he released a pair of duet albums. Duets: An American Classic and Duets II both saw Tony Bennett collaborate with modern pop icons such as Lady Gaga and Queen Latifah.

Things weren’t always so rosy for Bennett, though; in the 1970’s the singer was alleged to have close ties to the Bonanno crime family and was involved in an incident that saw him “turn his life around.” According to some mobster from the time, Bennett had been fooling around with mafia enforcer Tony Spilotro’s girlfriend. The gangster allegedly slammed the singer’s head on a telephone book as a punishment, prompting Bennett to cut his associations to the mob.

3. Donald Trump



Donald Trump’s bid to hold what it arguably the most powerful position in the world is made all the scarier by his alleged dealings with organised crime.

In his property mogul days during the 1980s, Trump was reportedly linked to numerous mobsters and crime families in Philidelphia and New York. The allegations include the mafia helping Trump build his empire through the use of cheap labour, reduced land prices and even government bribes.

Trump exacerbated the accusations that he was friendly with mob bosses when after he shared an attorney with Genovese crime boss “Fat Tony” Salerno. It was reported that the pair also worked together to help expand Trump’s empire.

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