Cold Blooded Killers
12 Wives Who Had No Idea They Were Married To Serial Killers

Serial killers are described as having highly intelligent and manipulative personalities. They lead a double life and quite often their crimes can go undetected for years. These following women all had to find out that the men they were married to had committed unspeakable crimes. Despite some potentially disturbing warning signs they were completely unaware of exactly who they were sleeping next to at night…

12. Myrta Belknap and Georgiana Yoke – married to H.H.Holmes (Killed: up to 200)

Dr. Henry Howard Holmes, who is now more commonly known as H. H. Holmes, was one of the first known serial killers in America. He lived in Chicago, and in 1893 opened a hotel which he had designed and built specifically for murder. His evil crimes caught up with him and he eventually confessed to 27 murders, of which only nine were confirmed, but his actual body count could be up to 200.

Alongside being a sinister serial killer he was also a bigamist. He married his first wife, Clara A. Lovering between 1878-1891, his second wife Myrta Z. Belknap between 1887-1896, and his third wife Georgiana Yoke between 1894-1896. Overlapping marriages were not the worst of his deeds as his forth mistress, Julia Smythe, soon found out.  In 1891, Smythe told Holmes that she had fallen pregnant and demanded marriage. Holmes suggested performing an abortion and she agreed for this to take place on Christmas Eve. Holmes administered Smythe a chloroform overdose which killed her. When questioned on her disappearance Holmes just said she was attending a family wedding.

On May 7th, 1896, Holmes was hanged at Moyamensing Prison, also known as the Philadelphia County Prison. Both the wives he was married to at the time, Myrta Belknap and Georgiana Yoke, witnessed the death – most likely thankful they had a very lucky escape.

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