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10 Scariest Tours In The U.S.A You Can Book Now

“We have people pass out all the time.”

Thrill-seekers, morbid hunters and lovers of all things dark and twisted – have we got the tours for you. These following days out are operating now and they are sightseeing with a sinister edit. Ever wondered where Ted Bundy stalked his victims in Seattle? Wanted to take a look at Jeffrey Dahmer’s house of horrors? Or felt the need to stay the night in a haunted penitentiary built on an ancient native burial ground? Well time to open your diary and get booking…

10. The Cannibal Tour

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee is well know for it’s breweries, the Milwaukee Bucks, Harley-Davidson’s and – oh yes, the cannibal serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. He murdered and dismembered seventeen men and boys between 1978 and 1991 – often preserving parts of their bodies in his fridge to gorge on later.

Amanda Morden of Hangman Tours started up her business when people would always refer to the serial killer when she mentioned Milwaukee. She said, “Whenever we told people we were from Milwaukee, they’d often say, ‘Oh, that’s where Jeffrey Dahmer’s from.’”

She claims her Cream City Cannibal tour is “so gruesome, it was banned on Groupon – twice.” You can walk in the exact footsteps of cannibalistic serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, where he poached 7 of his 17 victims.

The tour has caused a lot of controversy, as the horrifying crimes are still fresh in the minds of the residents. Rife with tales of caution, psychological dissection, and terrifying details, the Cream City Cannibal is not for the feint of heart.

9. H.H. Holmes Tour 

Chicago, Illinois

Many tourists flock to Chicago to take part in a gangster tour or a prohibition style bar crawl. Then there are those who have a morbid fascination with the legacy of Dr. H. H. Holmes who is considered America’s first serial killer.

In 1893, at the time of Chicago’s World’s Columbian Exposition, Holmes opened a hotel which he had designed specifically with murder in mind and that later became the location of many of his murders. Although he only confessed to 27 murders – the actual body count could be up to 200.

Created by Weird Chicago Tours this dark tour dives straight into the history, mystery, murder and mayhem of the American serial killer. They take on a journey back to the “Murder Castle” in time to not only the places where Holmes sought out and dispatched his victims, but also to take a look at the remnants of the spectacular fair and to get an inside look at Chicago in 1893.


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