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10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Gangsters And Their Money

2. Police Found Heroin Worth $6.9 billion After Breaking A $6 Lock

In 1991, police in Los Angeles had received a call from neighbours who lived close to a warehouse they had a “bad feeling” about. DEA agents staked out the warehouse from the neighbours yard and noticed many men offloading large boxes. After four months of surveillance, they eventually gained a warrant to search the warehouse.

DEA agents accessed the warehouse after they broke a $6 lock that was used to keep the doors shut together. Inside they found 21.4 tonnes of cocaine, which was enough for 1.38 billion doses, around five doses for every person in the United States. Special Assistant U. S. Atty. Susan Bryant-Deason gave the haul an estimated street value of $6.9 billion. This was the largest cocaine bust in history and the warehouse manager, James Romero McTague, was sentenced to life in prison. The judge declared that he was guilty of “one of the most horrendous crimes that has ever been committed against the American people.”

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