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10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Gangsters And Their Money

3. Kenichi Shinoda Was Sued By A Very Brave Woman

In 2013, an extremely brave unidentified restaurant owner sued Kenichi Shinoda, the most powerful mob boss in Japan and leader of the Yamaguchi-gumi gang, for damages of 17 million yen ($2.8 million). The woman claimed she had been threatened by his employees, who said they would burn her restaurant down if she refused to pay protection money.

As head of the cartel, Shinoda is legally liable for any damages by his own employees according to an anti-organised crime law made in 2008. Many business owners in Japan applauded the woman for her remarkable bravery – after all she was taking on a mob boss who spent years in prison for the murder of a rival boss with a samurai sword.

Shinoda’s mob also engaged in Sokaiya, a form of large-scale bribery. His employees would buy shares in a company and secure a place at a shareholders meeting. They would then attend shareholders meetings and harass the company, threatening to release corporate secrets, until they were not paid off. The scam was so large in Japan, that many corporations began to hold all shareholder meetings on the same day, so the cartel could only harass a minimum amount of companies.

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