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21 Best True Crime Documentaries You Can Watch On YouTube

Shocking and unthinkable crimes are committed every day. Where these following cases are concerned, they are some of the most disturbing and mysterious crimes to have happened over the past fifty years. Recently popular true crime documentaries like Making A Murderer and The Jinx have been discussed online almost everywhere and fans of this riveting genre are looking to get their fix from even more unimaginable crimes.

After watching all of these full-length true crime documentaries online – you will be able to say “truth really is stranger than fiction.”

Dear Zachary 



In 2001, 28-year-old Dr. Andrew Bagby was found dead in a park in Pennsylvania. He had been shot by his ex-girlfriend, who then fled to Canada pregnant with Andrew’s child, where she was able to walk free on bail. Andrew’s parents campaigned to gain custody of the child and convict their son’s killer. Filmmaker Kurt Kuenne and best friend to Andrew puts together home movies and interviews in the hope that his son can find out who he his father really was.

Serial Killer Hitman Richard Kuklinski: The Iceman 

Richard Kuklinski

Richard Leonard Kuklinski was an American contract killer who was convicted for five murders. After his arrest, Kuklinski was given the nickname “Iceman” for his method of freezing a victim to mask the time of death. Here he speaks in a very open interview about his many methods of killing and how he would get the job done.

Into The Abyss

In 2001, in Montgomery, Texas, Perry, one co-defendant Michael Perry fatally shot a 50-year-old white female, a 17-year-old white male and 18-year-old white male with a shotgun. A vehicle was also stolen from the residence of two of the victims.

Wener Herzog converses with Michael Perry when he is on death row and those affected by his crime serve as an examination of why people – and the state – kill. One documentary that always divides opinion.

Aileen – Life and Death of a Serial Killer

She was responsible for the brutal deaths of seven Florida men over a one year period, Aileen Wuornos was a woman to be feared – carefully stalking her male victims as she prostituted herself on the highways of Florida.

Once she had the men distracted, they were shot several times and robbed. In most of the deaths, there were signs of overkill, an excessive use of force to ensure the death of her victims. Aileen has the unique distinction of being one of America’s few female serial rage killers. Though her actions baffled police and judges alike, psychiatrists could later see she was destined to become a vicious offender from the moment she was conceived. 

Beware The Slenderman

In 2014, in Waukesha, Wisconsin, the Slender Man legend had gone too far. Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, who were aged 12-years-old at the time, lured their friend, 12-year-old Payton Leutner, into the woods and stabbed her 19 times.

During the trial, Morgan Geyser revealed that she believed Slender Man would hurt her family if she didn’t kill on his behalf. It was also heard that the murder was to “impress” Slender Man. The stories surrounding this myth are so scary it’s hard to believe they are not true.

The Case of JonBenet Ramsey

In 1996, 6-year-old pageant queen JonBenet Ramsey was found murdered at her family home in Boulder, Colorado. She was reported missing by her parents – then eight hours later, her body was found in the basement. The case had several grand jury hearings, yet still remains unsolved.

The Case Of JonBenét Ramsey, a four-hour limited event docu-series, unites former investigators with new experts to re-examine the 20-year-old unsolved murder of JonBenét Ramsey. There are so many twists and turns that by the end you won’t know what to believe.

Dr. Harold Shipman: “Doctor Death”

Known as “Britain’s Most Prolific Serial Killer”, Dr. Harold Shipman (a.k.a Dr. Death) claimed the lives of more than 250 victims. In 2004, 57-year-old Shipman was found hanging in his cell at HM Prison Wakefield, West Yorkshire, which cut short his sentence that was set for him to serve 15 consecutive life sentences.

Although he was convicted of only 15 murders, further investigations discovered that his undetected crimes had gone on for much longer. How did Shipman get away with it for so long? What finally ended his unthinkable scheme? This documentary looks at how detectives managed to capture and convict Dr. Death.

 Ted Bundy – In His Own Words

Serial killer, kidnapper, rapist, and necrophile Ted Bundy killed many young women and girls during the 1970s. Before he was executed, after spending a decade of denying his crimes, he confessed to 30 homicides which he committed between 1974 and 1978. His actual victim count remains unknown.

During a series of interviews, he describes his brutal crimes in great detail and allows us to take a deeper look into the psyche of a serial killer.

There’s Something Wrong With Aunt Diane 



In July 2009, 36-year-old Diane Schuler horrified drivers as she drove for 1.7 miles the wrong way in the fast lane of traffic of the Taconic State Parkway in the Hudson Valley of New York. Schuler had high levels of both alcohol and marijuana in her system when she took five children in her minivan. Four of them died, including her 2-year-old daughter and three nieces as well as three men in the SUV she hit.

This documentary follows her husband and sister-in-law attempt as they attempt to answer why Schuler, who did not have alcohol problems and was a seemingly model mother and citizen, had really crashed the car. They hire a private investigator but will they ever discover the truth?


Amanda Knox – Sex, Lies and the Murder of Meredith Kercher


In 2007, Knox and Raffaele Sollecito were sentenced to 30 years for a murder they did not commit. In an almost farcical miscarriage of justice, the police accused the pair before an investigation had even taken place.

They claimed Knox, Sollecito, and a third man, Patrick Lumumba, were accused of murdering Knox’s flatmate, Meredith Kercher. Italian prosecutors believed her murder took place after a sex game went wrong and her body was found throat cut in her bedroom at her house in the Italian town of Perugia, Italy.

Casey & Caylee Anthony: The Untold Story

Casey Anthony is best known for her connection to the mysterious disappearance of her daughter, Caylee Anthony. She stepped into the national spotlight after the suspicious disappearance of her daughter, Caylee Anthony.

As her story unfolded, many believed she was unquestionably guilty. The jury, however, felt differently. Anthony was acquitted of the murder charge, but she found herself loathed by the general public – her horror was not over yet…


Serial Killers – David Berkowitz (Son of Sam)

David Berkowitz, known as the Son of Sam killer and the .44 Caliber Killer, was found guilty of committing a series of shooting attacks that terrorized New York City in the summer of 1976. He killed six victims and wounded seven others.

During a huge manhunt for the killer, he would mock the police by sending them letters threatening future kills. He was eventually arrested and confessed after claiming to have been obeying the orders of a demon which spoke to him through the body of his neighbor’s dog. This documentary tells his full story.



The Peoples Temple Agricultural Project, in northwestern Guyana, was also known as Jonestown after it was formed by leader Jim Jones. On November 18th, 1978, a total of 909 Americans died from cyanide poisoning, in what cult leader Jones had called a “revolutionary suicide” on tapes recorded prior to the event.

This was the largest single loss of American civilian life in a deliberate act before September 11, 2001. Still to this day, the Jonestown massacre has been the subject of many conspiracy theories.

The Full Trail of Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer, known as the Milwaukee Cannibal, murdered and dismembered seventeen men and boys between 1978 and 1991. He would strip the bodies of flesh and store these parts in his fridge at home so he could consume them later. The public was so outraged, he stood trial behind a sheet of bullet-proof glass. On November 28th, 1994, Dahmer was beaten to death in prison by a fellow inmate at the Columbia Correctional Institution.


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