Cold Blooded Killers
10 Bizarre Ways Killers Were Caught

Many of the world’s most notorious serial killers appeared to be normal to the outside world, including their employers, friends, partners and even their own children, but they were actually leading double lives, hiding in plain sight and managing to evade law enforcement for years.

Some killers succeeded in avoiding detection for several decades so it’s fair to think that it’d take an expert – or team of experts – to catch such astute criminals. In some cases, yes. In others, not so much. So, how were these seemingly impervious felons finally brought to justice? Through their own arrogance, carelessness and downright stupidity.

10. Ted Bundy – Driving Erratically

Ted Bundy, one of America’s most infamous serial killers of all time, was caught after he failed to pull over for a routine traffic check. Inside his Volkswagen Beetle were items that incriminated him in a string of murders.

After killing dozens of women, in several states, Bundy decided to serve as his own attorney in Aspen during his trial for the murder of Caryn Campbell. On a visit to the courthouse library, Bundy jumped out of a window and escaped, free to prowl Aspen for almost a week before he was pulled over by cops for driving dangerously.

However, Bundy was not deterred. With the help of Carole Ann Boone, a woman he would later marry, Ted staged another escape. After making his way to Florida, Ted Bundy murdered four college students within the space of 15 minutes. Bundy, who was by this time on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list, was picked up near the Alabama state line driving a stolen car.

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