Cold Blooded Killers
10 Most Shocking Valentine’s Day Murders

These following shocking murders all took place on Valentine’s Day…

10. The Murder of Susan Hamilton

Dr. John Hamilton was well respected in Oklahoma City, and often showered his wife, Susan, with gifts, including a Porsche he presented her on their wedding day. They enjoyed exotic vacations during their fourteen years of marriage, with friends and family claiming they were “inseparable.” Shary Coffey, Susan’s best friend, revealed, “I think John was so astounded that he had her … that he had such a wonderful, perfect — almost perfect — wife, in his opinion.”

Then on Valentine’s Day 2001, Dr. Hamilton, made his way home to present his wife with an expensive bouquet of red orchids. To his horror he found her body lying on the bathroom floor in a pool of blood. One of his own ties had been used to strangle her and her head had been so badly smashed parts of the skull were visible. He attempted to save her life by performing CPR, but when the ambulance arrived she was declared dead.

There was no sign of forced entry into the house and nothing had been taken so the police ruled out the option of burglary. Dr. Hamilton also had enemies who were anti-abortion protestors that would protest outside his surgery and even his own home. Investigators also discovered that Dr. Hamilton didn’t quite have the perfect marriage after all – his wife had caught him making private phone calls to a stripper and had confided in friends that she had asked for a divorce. District Attorney Wes Lane later told Primetime, “When he saw that this incredible woman was looking like she was leaving him, he lost it.”

Further investigation discovered that Susan Hamilton’s blood was found on the steering wheel of Dr. Hamilton’s car. His defense was the blood had appeared on the steering wheel after he moved his car to make room for the emergency ambulance. The defense team then hired a blood expert in a bid to plead Hamilton’s innocence, but what he actually revealed was Hamilton’s guilt in that the blood splatters on Hamilton’s body were consistent with a brutal attack and not from administering CPR. The expert said, “Ultimately, you take an oath to tell the truth and that overrides any allegiance I may have to any client.”

Hamilton was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.

9. The Murder of Tara Lynn

On Valentine’s Day 2007, Stephen Grant reported to the Macomb County Sheriff’s office in Michigan that his wife, Tara Lynn Grant, was missing. After questioning Grant, police discovered five whole days had passed between the time Grant had last seen his wife and when he notified them. Grant defended himself by explaining this was was not the first time his wife had disappeared. Further more, Grant accused the authorities of harassment and made several TV appearances complaining about his treatment during the search for his missing wife.

Two weeks later authorities were finally able to gain a search warrant for Grant’s home in Washington Township. Here they discovered a portion of his wife’s dismembered body in the garage. He was immediately arrested for murder. Grant then gave a detailed confession explaining how he had strangled his wife before dismembering her body.

The confession was released to the general public, yet Tara’s family agreed the couple’s children would only be able to read their father’s confession when they became adults. The tragedy for the family was not over yet, a year later Stephen’s father, William Allen Grant, devastated by his son’s actions, committed suicide in Capac, Michigan, from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

8. The Murder of Robert Schoeck

Mother-of-three Stacey Schoeck lured her fifth husband and adopted father of her children, Richard Schoeck, to an isolated area in Belton Bridge Park in Hall County, GA., with the promise of a romantic Valentine’s Day evening in 2010. Actually what she had planned was for a hit-man, a personal trainer Reginald Coleman nicknamed “Mr Results”, to shoot him dead.

The prosecution alleged Schoeck paid Coleman $10,000 for the hit job, with hopes that she could then cash in her husband’s $500,000 life insurance policy. Schoeck used a fabricated tale that her husband had molested the children as her defense – a claim which was later denied by her children. Schoeck admitted the plot and narrowly missed the death penalty. She has been serving a life sentence with parole since 2012.


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