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10 Most Crooked Business Leaders Of All Time

2. Bernie Madoff

Bernie Madoff, born April 29, 1938, is a former stockbroker, investment advisor, financier and notorious fraudster. His unbeatable haul of $65 billion was collected over decades and almost brought down the global financial system. Worse than that no-one suspected a thing because he had a nice-guy reputation, and was regarded as a pillar of the investment community.

The 70-year-old stole from investors, drained his employees’ retirement funds and bankrupted charities. Celebrities were also in his firing line, including John Malkovich who claimed to have lost £2.3 million to the corrupt tycoon. It cannot be denied Madoff is a mastermind for pulling the wool over everyones’ eyes. During the investigation he revealed he could have been caught back in 2003 but, apparently, the detectives did not ask “the right questions”. Eventually someone did the math and realised there was no way for his numbers to add up and people started wondering how he was making so much money.

Madoff didn’t act alone though. His accountant, wife and two sons all received their own dose of justice. Madoff pleaded guilty and is serving a 150 year prison sentence. According to letters sent to his daughter-in-law, he is treated “like a mafia don”. “I can’t walk anywhere without someone shouting their greetings and encouragement…it’s much safer here than walking the streets of New York”.

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