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10 Most Crooked Business Leaders Of All Time

8. Dennis Kozlowski

Flamboyance was the aim of the game when it came to Dennis Kozlowski, born November 16, 1946, after he was raking in $100 million dollars a year before he getting busted for misappropriating company funds. Among the evidence against him was the purchase of a $6,000 shower curtain.

Kozlowski appeared on television to proclaim his innocence. Sort of. There was no doubt he took the money, even he admitted that, but the contention was whether he was allowed to. Every dime he spent came from the company’s account and not his own, which he argued was legit. He even put his multi-million dollar New York apartment on the company books but that was a drop in the ocean compared to the rest of his antics. He threw an outrageous birthday party for his second wife on a private Italian island, where an ice sculpture of Statue of David urinated high-end vodka. Is it any surprise the jury didn’t believe him when he said it was a shareholders’ meeting?

Kozlowski is currently serving 25 years in prison yet still he’s not such a bad guy. He went as far to say the jury was unfit to rule claiming, “I was a guy sitting in a courtroom making $100 million a year and I think a juror sitting there just would have to say, ‘All that money? He must have done something wrong.”

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