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10 Most Crooked Business Leaders Of All Time

9. Robert Rubin

Robert Rubin, born August 29, 1938, is an American lawyer, former banking executive and at one time Bill Clinton’s Secretary of the Treasury. Twice. He’s been a board member or a trustee on different kinds of development bodies and organisations, but he’s never formerly been a business leader. So why is on this list? For a very special reason…

As a young man Rubin honed his money skills working for Goldman Sachs risk department before moving on to Citigroup as a temporary chairman. When Rubin eventually climbed his way to a seat next to President Clinton he led the banking deregulation. Many consider Rubin the responsible individual for bank corruption.

Rubin’s meddling enabled banks to gamble taxpayers’ money in the way that resulted in one of the biggest economic collapses. Some of the banks that took a hit had to be bailed out by the government such as, you guessed it, Goldman Sachs and Citigroup. What goes around comes around.

Currently he works for a economic think tank. He can’t go to prison because he didn’t break any laws; he just arranged the dominoes for the criminals to push down.

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