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10 Most Shocking Murder Weapons Ever Uncovered

Over the course of history, and even in today’s modern society, it is unfortunate that murder is not just something read about in old battle books. Murders are still at the forefront of most newspapers, news and radio stations. It is often overlooked at what mystery can drive a person to kill another human being, but an even bigger mystery is what causes them to choose their partners in crime – their weapons.

Many killers choose guns and knives, even fists, as the inflicting weapon in the majority of cases. But what about those who choose the more bizarre weapons such as an umbrella or even a pickle jar? Here are ten of the most baffling and downright shocking murder weapons.

10. Sweatpants

Back in April 2006, Mr Jimmy Hackley, a 61 year old from Jacksonville, Florida, used a pair of grey sweatpants to strangle his victim, 29-year-old Patricia Ann McCollum, to death. During a post mortem it was discovered that he had used so much pressure while carrying out his attack, the blood vessels in her eyes had burst. His DNA was found all over the murder weapon, and he was found guilty after just 1 hour an 15 minutes deliberation between the jury. He is currently serving a mandatory life sentence.

9. A Pickle Jar

At the young age of 12, Daniel Kovarbasich had been hired by his 55 year old neighbour, Duane Hurley to do daily dog walks. Little did he know, Duane was actually a paedophile, and soon after starting his daily walks things had started to turn sexual. Afraid of what would happen if he told anybody, this abuse went on for years until the 22nd January 2010, when Daniel had had enough. Grabbing a nearby pickle jar, Daniel had proceeded to bash Duane in the head multiple times and then started stabbing him with a knife to make sure he was dead. After being found and telling the court of his abuse, Daniel was sentenced to a 5 year probation period.

8. A Posioned Umbrella

The use of an umbrella is certainly an interesting one, in this particular case it is certainly not what someone would expect. Back in 2012, a 40-year-old man was walking along a sidewalk in Hannover, Germany, when he passed a stranger carrying an umbrella. After passing, the stranger suddenly turned around and proceeded to stab the man in the back with the umbrellas tip. Once in the arms of paramedics, it was discovered that the tip carried a discrete needle which had injected mercury straight into his spine causing him to fall into a coma, from which he had never survived.

The victim was unnamed yet the incident mirrored the murder of journalist Georgi Markov, who was killed with a poisoned umbrella in 1969.

7. A Pen

Back in 2007, Jason Webster had been casually seeing a woman called Rebecca Love while studying history at the University of Hull. After watching a football game, he had decided to go for a night out at the local nightclub with friends in the hopes of finding a sexual partner for the evening. Being unsuccessful in his hunt for a lover, he proceeded to head towards Miss Love’s dormitory where she denied him his sexual requests. Because of this, he flew into a fit of rage taking a pen out of his pocket, and stabbed her a total of 93 times in the head, chest and body as well as strangling her. Her body was found two days later by university staff, and Webster is serving life imprisonment.

6. A Prosthetic Leg

In January 2010, a 47-year-old man named Dwayne Ball had no idea that fateful day would be his last. While visiting his homeless girlfriend, Debra Hewitt, everything seemed normal and fine. Without warning, Debra snapped claiming to be in love with another homeless man. In order to get Dwayne out of the picture she began to stomp on him, kicking him in the stomach until he was keeled over. She then took off her prosthetic leg, and while balancing on the good one, she began to smash in his skull. His body was found six weeks later, and she was sentenced to life in prison.

5. Nail Gun

No killer has been found regarding this case from 2008, where 27-year-old Chinese student Chen Liu was found murdered in South Sydney, Australia. His body was found with absolutely no evidence pointing to a killer in marshland, bound with electrical wires and then wrapped up in a carpet. During a post mortem examination, 34 nails were found lodged in his skull which undoubtedly, was reported as the cause of death. The only detail which could be determined about this case, is that the nails were fired from a gas powered, repeated shot, high speed nail gun.

4. Floor Lamp

During the summer of June 2012, a man named Bryant Willerson from Augusta, Georgia, got into an argument with Mr William McClain. This heated argument quickly got out of hand and escalated into a full fight. After a few punches were thrown on both sides, Bryant grabbed the nearby floor lamp and proceeded to bash William in his head and body with it. The resulting injuries were so bad, William died on the scene from the injuries he sustained.

3. Corkscrew

With the killer unfound, this truly is a curious case, even solely judging the murder weapon. The weapon in question for this piece, is a corkscrew. In February 2008, in the big city of Brooklyn, New York, a concerned employer had rang the relatives of Mr Murat St. Hilaire asking for his whereabouts as he hadn’t turned up to work. After relatives went to his apartment to try and find out why he hadn’t gone into work that day, instead of answers, they had found the body of Mr Murat lying face up in his bathroom with a corkscrew protruding from his temple.

2. Dildo

Famous 1920’s actor, Ramon Novarro, had a troublesome life with conflicting emotions between his religious heritage and his homosexuality. Shunned by his family for his sexual preferences, he moved to Hollywood to become an actor, where in October 1968 he had hired two brothers, Tom and Paul Ferguson, to come to his home in Laurel Canyon for sex.

After hearing about a supposed $5,000 cash hidden somewhere within his home, the two brothers tortured Ramon for several hours to try and uncover its location. When they were getting nowhere, one of the brothers grabbed an art deco lead dildo and shoved it down Ramons throat causing him to drown in his own blood. The brothers only left with $20.

1. Toilet Tank Lid

During 2006, Marvin Hill had begun having an affair with a woman named Christina Eubanks. After many months of discreet meetings, and what would be their last, Marvin had told Christina that he wanted to end the affair. To Christina’s dismay at the news, she objected to the break up and the pair broke out into a heated argument. It got so heated in fact, that Marvin had grabbed the tank lid from the toilet and began to bash her skull with the heavy porcelain, killing her next to instantly.

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